Jinn IP was founded recently in response to the changing picture of how intellectual property rights are obtained and how businesses have matured in their use of intellectual property rights. This is especially the case for applicants who want to maximize their potential IP rights in international markets such as the USA, China, Taiwan and Japan.

The aim of Jinn IP is to facilitate the obtaining and using IP rights at the most convenient price by offering radically new pricing structures and exclusive dedicated offers to certain clients. Please contact info@jinnip.com for more information on this.

Jinn IP's managing director is Stefano John. Stefano is a European patent attorney with over 10 years experience in the field of IP rights, especially patent and design rights.

After obtaining a Masters degree from Oxford University and a couple of years working in the pharmaceutical business, Stefano obtained the internationally recognized Masters in Management of Intellectual Property from Queen Mary University London. After having garnered experience at the EPO, the European Patent Office authorized with granting European patent rights, Stefano completed his professional training in well-established IP firms in the UK and in Europe to obtain the qualification of European Patent Attorney. He has since worked abroad to gather experience of other patent systems by working for a US patent prosecution firm and in a well established firm in Taipei.

Stefano is on the list of professional representatives before the European Patent Office (registration number 09263730).

Through such an experience, Jinn IP has fostered a relationship with partner firms abroad and is able to offer a very competitive price on obtaining patent rights, both in the UK and internationally.